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I'm kind of an artist, that likes games, and other things.



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An introduction

Posted by UstuPupper - May 21st, 2019

Hi, I'm Utsu. I never really got a chance to introduce myself here but, now's the time. My names not really Utsu, I'm saving my real name for another time. I am non-binary and pan, I'm an aries (like that really matters) and I'm currently in school. I guess I'm an artist and I might as well share some stories of mine to basically give you the idea of who I am exactly. So a week ago my girlfriend left me, I was pretty bummed about it but I guess I walked it off. I once got lost in target when I was really young, so I just walked around the isles and looked for my parent.Yesterday I had a migraine so I napped and had a dream some kid was beating me up with a bowling ball in a bag, which made my migraine even worse... Back when I was going through my "senpai" phase, me and this girl passed notes in class saying stuff like "I wuv u senpai owo" ironically, apparently she liked me and so we hung out for 6 months then dumped me (not the one that left me a week ago). I usually am known as "Tea" because I wear a Arizona Iced Tea hoodie and openly love tea, I call myself "Tea Cultist" and it would of been my newgrounds username, but alas that might of been taken. I'm usually the one dumped in a relationship, so I guess there is a pattern where I get a girlfriend, hang out for a couple months, the get a girlfriend/boyfriend. I guess I like games and meme and art among other things, mainly Enter the Gungeon out of all my games. If most of my stories are depressing thats because I have kind of a bad lifestyle, parents are fine, same with family. School is another level though. I might as well stop typing now because this is taking to long. Seeya